domingo, 8 de maio de 2016

 Heart in my hands

Love is more than just emotion.
Love is more than just devotion.
Just like all the stories in  the old books, love is about blood and honour.
How could you love me, when  I´m just a meere reflexion in eyes.
How could you love someone like me.
I´m  the wind blowing in your window.
Just a simple breeze in your chest.
I never thougt I could love you this way.
Walking in the street with my heart in my hands, like a foul, waiting 
to be able to deliver it to you.
Standing in the corner to have a glimpse of you walking by.
Thought I was the owner of the world, I,m not eve the owner of my own heart since I met you.
Pray to God, pray to my Godess for a litle love.
My heart is always in my hand waiting for you.
Could you love someone like me?
Because someone like me loves you like crazy.

Pedro Correia de Oliveira

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